Catch onto the Magic

October 28, 2008Fall has arrived and so has the new Disney Tinkerbell Movie! Little girls everywhere can now see their favorite character in her own land and how she came to be the cutest and most inspiring fairy of all. Available on Disney DVD and Blu-ray.

My daughter has been waiting breathlessly for months and today she finally had the chance to see the movie. It was as adorable as you could expect. Disney never misses a beat and never disappoints. We all loved it! So much that we are sending out invitations for a little mini screening at our home complete with popcorn and red licorice.

Here at Miss 'N Nick Designs, we are also excited to see that our magical fairy invitations and note cards are flying off the shelves of the studio and retail stores alike. Help make your child's party one of magic and fairies. A time she will never forget. Order today and have them within a week (or less). Don't miss out on the fun.

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